24 Visual Artists & the Animals They See

Drum roll please for the phenomenal talent represented by the 24 visual artists whose work inspired by animals will be displayed at September 10th’s Menagerie …. thank you for responding to our Call for Artists!

Ginger Cochran, Jim Connell, Joe Conner, Heather Deaton, Kimberley Dietrich, Cherry Fargo, Haris Ferativic, Patricia Highland, Al Key, Angie Kimmell, Carolyn McAdams, Kathleen Mekailek, Beth Menking, Kari Presswood-Perlman, Brian Pierce, Matthew Sallack, Robin Schiele, Christiane Schmidt, Jason Smith, Elizabeth Stansy, Dawn Terrizzi, Stacy Tompkins, Jo Williams, Christie Wood.

“Can I Have A Lick?” photographer, Kathleen Mekailek

Can I Have a Lick_Kathleen Mekailek

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