Writing is not a forgotten art.

Saturday, September 16th, 8 high school students from 6 different area high schools in North Texas came together for a one day workshop called “WRITE IT! Think Out Loud”. Workshop leaders were seasoned writers and educators, Makayla Price and Bill Flanigin.

I had the privilege of planning this workshop with Denton educators who believe that creative writing has a key place in the curriculum of Texas schools. You think it, you write it, you dream it, you live it.

There’s interest in an adult writing workshop to be sponsored by Artists Enclave in the months to come. The short story that was begun but not finished, the novel in the mind but not on paper, the poetry that speaks volumes but hasn’t been spoken aloud — these are all reasons a writing workshop for any age can be a turning point in someone’s life and maturity.

Here’s to the written, the spoken, the powerful words we share with the people we know, the people we care about, the people we have yet to meet.

Blog shared by Susan Carol Davis, Chair of Artists Enclave


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