Denton Area Artists at Welcome Center

Have you visited the Discover Denton Welcome Center in downtown Denton? There are goods to buy at the Welcome Center created by local artists along with other specialty items such as TWU and UNT t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. The welcome point and the face of the Chamber of Commerce the Welcome Center sees thousands of visitors each week.

Artists Enclave has just learned from the Greater Denton Arts Council that 2D artwork is being sought for the “Access Art Alley” sponsored by AccessBank of Texas. Please see the picture below to get an idea of how artwork will be displayed.

GDAC hopes to have the art rotating on a quarterly basis, 3-4 months. The Arts Council would handle the install and the contract. Artists would need to deliver pieces to the Welcome Center and assist with the install. The Arts Council is working with the Welcome Center for provide security hardware for the pieces’ safety while they are on display. Artwork must be 2-D, ready to hang, and under 30 lbs. Information about the artist and the Arts Council would be on display along with 6-12 pieces depending on the sizes of the work. As part of GDAC’s agreement with the Welcome Center, the artwork will not feature nudity, violence, nor profanity. The artwork can be for sale and the sales will be handle by the Arts Council.
All of this is beginning very soon. Interested artists are asked to submit portfolios of their work to Deadline for portfolios is midnight April 15th.


One thought on “Denton Area Artists at Welcome Center

  1. Love the fact that Denton is a great city that supports the arts and a diverse range of artists. Thank you for this great blog post, I’ll continue to follow. I have also found a great resource for those considering relocating to our area, it’s Experts in the Denton area!


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