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David Adams

David Adams is a graduate of American River College in Sacramento CA, with a Degree in Fine Arts. He studied under the late artist/teacher Gary Pruner. David is now retired from the United States Postal Service after 35 yrs. service. Sixteen of those years his title was Sacramento Postal District “Graphics Illustrator.” After retiring, David and his wife moved to Denton Texas. He paints mainly from photographs that he has taken or collected. “If a picture moves me, I paint it!” The mediums David uses are watercolors, oils and acrylics.

Contact:    940-783-6336


Sibyl Alleyne


Linda Anderson


Nina Nichols Austin


Iris Baldwin


Iris Baldwin is a Denton playwright, artist, and blogger. Iris writes full-length dramas as well as absurd one-act comedies for the theatrical stage. Iris’s visual arts mediums are mandala creation (colored pencils on paper, or gel pens on paper) and needlepoint/crewel embroidery needle arts crafting. Iris blogs on the topic of creatively managing mental health, and Iris also creates whimsical photo toy stor



Sharon Barnhill


Susan K. Boyle

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University Susan Boyle worked in New York City as a commercial artist for several years. Today her DIALOGUE - Boyle-3848-2 copyconcentration is on fine art, specifically abstract figurative art. Working from life, Susan most often paints with fluid acrylics and employs a variety of tools including brushes, pens, and even ordinary sticks. Her aim is to convey the attitude and demeanor of each individual while evoking energy, movement, and vibrancy in her composition.



Anadara Braun-Good AnadaraDesigns_PurpleShellScript

Anadara Designs is the Interior Design Firm founded and run by Anadara Braun-Good. Anadara is a true Dentonite, with over thirty years of design as well as community service in our area and beyond. From private residences to commercial spaces, and budgets big or small, she brings her wealth of knowledge and ability to help her clients find their own personal aesthetic. Anadara and her firm have been generous and steadfast supporters of Artists Enclave from its very inception.



Joshua Butler


Aurora Cabrera


Isabel Cano

Cano-jewelryBorn in 1956 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a citizen of Spain, Cano, currently lives in Denton, TX, where she has made her home and has raised her 2 sons.

Cano developed an appreciation for art at an early age. She grew up surrounded by art. Her father, a diplomat, an art lover and an art collector, afforded her the privilege of experiencing and appreciating the art of different cultures. This fact, combined with her artistic temperament contributed to her being able to view the world from a unique perspective.



Dorian Carrillo


Amanda Carson Green


Linda Chidsey

As a full-time artist, Linda Chidsey’s focus, time, and energy are dedicated to creating vibrant Raku sculptures and pottery, wearable jewelry art, and unusual copper creations. Linda’s art is available at the Dallas World Trade Center in Ethan and Associates and in Pettigrew USA Fine Furnishings located in the Dallas Design District.  Her wearable jewelry art is featured in McKinney at Art on the Veranda.  The Museum of Geometric and MADI Art in Uptown Dallas, the Texas Visual Art Association Gallery in Plaza of the Americas in Dallas, Clique Gallery/Boutique in Addison, and the Art House of Highland Village are featuring Linda’s sculptures and wearable jewelry art.Chidsey - Fantasy

Contact:    214-783-5193


Doreen Collin


Paula Blincoe Collins

Paula Blincoe Collins is an artist that works primarily in clay including everything from functional ceramics to large installations of bas relief in brick. Paula has over 45 years experience working in clay as a freelance sculptor/potter since graduation from University of Iowa in 1973. Her work includes twenty-five years creating commissions in brick sculpture for over 200 clients across the country with the most recent accomplishment carving and building a full size 1940 Pontiac in brick. Numerous awards including Denton Art Walk of fame in 2016. Paula is currently working on another bronze for AAUW Battle Creek Mi for installation in 2019.



Jim Connell


Joe Conner

17155260_1249002691836145_780064892023483790_nArtist Joe Conner studied General Art & Design in Cambridgeshire, England then went on to get her BA Degree in Ipswich, Suffolk, focusing on design, advertising, illustration and typography. In 1990, she won the coveted Iggesund Paperboard Silver Tree Award.

Since moving to the States, Joe has continued her epic career as a web designer. But as a career artist, she has also shown her incredibly detailed collage work throughout the DFW area. Her work has been well received. Her work ranges from the whimsical to the thought-provoking. Joe is currently President of the Gainesville Area Visual Arts group.

To learn more about Joe Conner and to see more of her work, visit her website at 

Contact:     940-613-6939


Alan Cudd


Susan Carol Davis


Susan Carol Davis diversifies her creative pursuits as media director, producer, actress and arts educator with her Denton-based company, Curious Dog Creative. Susan holds membership in the Screen Actors Guild-AFTRA, the Actors’ Equity Association, Women in Film-Dallas, the Greater Denton Arts Council and the Visual Arts Society of Texas. She serves as Chair on the Governing Board of the Artists Enclave as well as Film Director for the Thin Line Fest, as an Elder on the Session of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church and is an advocate for regional growth of a flourishing and diverse arts community.



Heather Deaton


Heather Deaton is from Iowa and moved to Texas in 2013 to attend graduate school at UNT, where she earned a Master’s in Library Science. Heather has very little formal art education and is primarily self-taught. Most of her work is a combination of digital and traditional media. Heather’s goal as an artist is to take those subjects that are negatively portrayed or received and to pull their natural beauty out where everyone can see—to create work that is both dark and lovely—and in doing so to challenge the predetermined perceptions others have about the visual definitions of both.



Shelly Denning


Mary Dermid


Kimberley Dietrich

Wild Horses_Kimberley Dietrich

Kimberley Dietrich likes to paint primarily in acrylics but also likes watercolor and mixed media. Dietrich’s art symbolizes her own unmasking of her travels through life with a story behind each piece created.  Dietrich’s development as an artist is rooted in her belief that there is something more to say. Her inspiration is in traveling, photography of landscapes and animals along with researching how to make art better.



Linda Eaddy


Rebecca J. Earls


Sally Emerson

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 9.45.44 AMSally Emerson began painting in 1999     during her 37-year career as a family law attorney in Amarillo, Texas. She works in oil, acrylic, and watercolor and has studied with Michael Longhofer, Emin Abassov, Rich Nichols, John Birdsong, and other instructors at the Amarillo Art Institute, where she also served on the board of directors for 8 years. Sally’s work was featured in the Amarillo Museum of Art during its Open Hanging and 12 X 12 juried event. After retiring, she and her husband  moved to Denton in September 2018 to be nearer to grandchildren. She is looking forward to doing more painting from the many sights and experiences gathered in her Airstream travels.    

Artwork: Tailgoat Party  (acrylic on canvas)




Haris Feratovic


Maithen Elizabeth Fluhrer

Maithen Elizabeth is a third generation self-taught Artist, learning different styles and techniques from her Mom and Grandmothers. Freelancing since 2012, Maithen Elizabeth began working with small businesses in 2015 and created her LLC in early 2017. She enjoys each step of the creative process and growing clientele along the way.


Contact:    817-999-9025


Ellen Frenkel



Ellen grew up in Asia, absorbing various cultures and being exposed to both the beautiful and the harsh. This has played out in her art in several ways: she has a love of playing and experimenting and she leans toward social justice and protest art. The former is necessary to survive the latter!  

She works primarily in fibers, loving the limitations of painting with dye on silk, printing on cotton, quilting and making lace. The lace has become a useful way of stating hard truths, and recalls her female ancestors who made lace but had no voice in public affairs.

Contact:    940-595-0784


Lauri Goldston

Recently retired, Lauri has always been involved in “art” in some form:


Drawing, crocheting, quilting, mosaics, painting- acrylic and oil, photography, music and writing.  She has designed a few pieces of art for her yard using rocks and metal rods. Laura is now most interested in painting, primarily in oil.




Laura Gonzales


GonzoBot Studios is the joint venture of local couple Laura Gonzales and Cindy Breeding of Denton, Texas. Neither Gonzales nor Breeding are trained artists, but each year, the couple creates original parade art and floats for the Twilight Lantern & Costume Parade of Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival. You can learn more about the festival by visiting:

Using traditional cartoneria mexicana techniques, GonzoBot Studios has created large-scale parade puppets and floats – calaveras, a skeleton bride and a giant Quetzalcoatl dragon puppet. They use paper, glue, found and repurposed objects, thermal plastic and acrylic and latex paint to finish their vibrant, colorful projects.

Gonzales practices family medicine at Dr. Scott Simms Family practice as a physician assistant, and Breeding is a reporter for the Denton Record-Chronicle.

Contact:   405-730-9326


Agretameus, The Angel of Autumn Searching the Sky for His Brother - Alan Cudd photo

Randall M. Good

Randall M. Good is a full time artist and writer living in Denton. His work is exhibited across the country as well as England. His home gallery is Justus Fine Art in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In addition to his gallery shows he mounts travelling exhibitions, does numerous commissions (both public and private), and also presents lectures, artists talks, and readings from his book project The Shael Ovalis.



Dallas Guill


Fran Hannah

Contact:  940-391-6050


Monique Harrison


Skyler Harvey


Stephanie Holloway

Stephanie Holloway is a Denton artist who specializes in fine art photography, sculptural paintings, and artisan home decor. Currently Stephanie is completing her BFA through the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts & Design Department of Photography. Her company STEPHiAM Enterprises was founded in 2016 with a focus on marketing strategy and website design for creative artists, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.        

Stephanie Holloway_Enclave directory photo



Peggy Houdek


Rob Houdek


Ann Howington

Howington_A_Blue Green Swirl

Denton artist Ann Howington’s work is inspired by a mid-century modern aesthetic. Her handcraft sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bolo ties incorporate clean lines and geometric shapes and often include stones or Lucite. Her designs are both additive and subtractive.

Contact:   940-597-7758


Robin Huttash


Christine Irving

Sitting on the Hag Seat cover.jpgChristine Irving is a poet and collage artist who delights in telling stories through her arts. A passionate student of myth and symbol, she endeavors to weave the mythic and ordinary occurrences of everyday life into an organic whole.  Her books of poetry include The Naked Man, You Can Tell a Crone by Her Cackle and Sitting on the Hag Seat.  She is also the author of the historical novel, Magdalene A.D.   Christine is a SoulCollage® facilitator offering individual and group instruction in the SoulCollage® process. 

Find her work at:  (website)  (collage) (blog)  (poetry open mic)



Patricia Jacobson


Kimberly Karl


Al Key


In Al’s own words … I have been a photographer for the exact same number of years that I have been a storm chaser- 48. One led me to the other- and vice versa. Was a daily news photographer at the DR-C for 30 years. Got up every morning looking forward to going to work. Still love shooting, anything – everything. Especially weather, wildlife & sports. Been doing real estate photography to pay the bills lately. I enjoy my role as Director of Photography for the Thin Line Film, Music & Photo Festival. I have a wonderful wife, 2 great sons (and a beautiful daughter-in-law), 2 precious grandkids, 3 bossy cats & a 750hp 1973 Z28 Camaro.

Contact:    940-453-4631


Sarah Nobles Key


Nanci Kimmey


Kit King

After a career as a writer who worked mostly in the fashion industry, Kit began making jewelry after she retired. Her impetus was the stones. Kit had collected gemstones for a number of years, and now uses some of those in her work.Chrysocolla cuff 2

Kit creates, primarily, contemporary pieces with clean lines and an Art Deco flavor. She works mostly in sterling silver, copper and bronze. Kit does enjoy texturing and mixing metals to add interest to her designs (Kit King Designs).



Paulina Klaser

Paulina is a Denton based artist with a focus on realism and the true 2016The_Loopholeexperience of humanity. Sometimes the world can be portrayed in falseness and fictitious images. Paulina strives to break this trend by baring the truth of the life to which she bears witness.She expresses these experiences through realism and distortion in the human form, abstracting the surrounding environment, and manipulation of the colors and lighting which also assisting in expressing emotions felt in that moment. Paulina works mostly with oil paint but often uses acrylic and charcoal to add depth and expression to her work. Paulina graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing from UNT in 2016. 

Contact:    instagram @klaserbee


Beth Klein


Louis Korom


Kay Lamb


Maureen Leak


Chai Sun Lee

Chai Sun Lee is California born and bred and has lived in Denton since May of 2017.

20190224_185517She has been drawing instinctively since she learned how to hold a pencil. There is no medium nor style that Chai won’t try, so she tends to create mixed media pieces. She has an excellent eye for portraiture and equally enjoys imaginative work. 

At the current time, Chai has two young children whom her life is dedicated to. Therefore, she aspires to create a life where her art can support her family, thus creativity, traveling, and family time will follow.

Contact:   940-208-9402



Diana Leggett


Thomas Wayne Light


Carol Long


Robin Macke


Mercy Manning


Having had no formal art training, Mercy draws inspiration from her culture. She was born in Cuba and growing up in New Jersey, her parents made it a point to instill in her a love for the island, the people and their colorful and vibrant way of life.  Mercy’s desire to paint colorful abstract depictions of life start with the paint colors.  After that, something greater than Mercy takes over the process. Life is a color pallete, filled with the most vibrant and awe inspiring hues.  Mercy wants to share this feeling with those looking at her painting.

 Contact:    817-455-8416


Ann MacMillan


Darlene McNatt


Alison McStravick


Stacey Medler

Fusing glass is Stacey’s favorite medium to work with.  She loves the “wow” factor when opening the kiln and seeing the transformation that has taken place in that secret space.  Stacey loves the colors and shiny, smooth textures. A bonus she learned about is the liquid glass that allows her to draw anything she wants to on the glass.  This makes the work completely customizable and Stacey can make things that are specific to the customer’s request. She wants to create gifts that are meaningful and bring joy to the recipients.  Current work fused glass, including pendants, decorative crosses and pet portraits.

Stacey grew up in Denton and has spent most of her life here.  She is currently an art teacher in Plano, but still lives in Denton.  It is her home.



Miriam Mitchell


John Naab


Crystal Nelson


Frederick A. Nichelson

Frederick Nichelson is a Dallas area musician/producer with over 25 years of professional experience. Nichelson hails from the rich music tradition of Memphis, TN. He is co-founder and leader of the jazz/soul group, Fingerprints and its parent company, Nichelson Entertainment. His record label has over 20 releases and its artists perform over 500 shows per year. Recent projects include “I am A man” documentary, Fingerprints nelogoDreamLife CD, Kyle Turner-Wrapped Tight CD, and releases by Shelley Carrol, Barrie Lee Hall, and Sebastian Whittaker. He holds a BBA from the University of North Texas and holds positions on several industry advisory boards including the AFM Local 72-147 Executive Board.

Contact:  214-295-6115


Terry Nobles


Erin O’Toole

Erin and Seuss flower

Erin O’Toole is a science librarian at the University of North Texas, where she has worked for 15 years. She moved to Denton in 1997 to pursue a master’s degree in library science at Texas Woman’s University and never left Little D. Erin is also an amateur musician who occasionally sings soprano and plays violin at local churches. Her favorite accompanist is guitarist and husband Chuck Voellinger. Erin is pleased to have the opportunity to support the arts in Denton through the Artists Enclave.



Kimberly Panagiotakos


Emily Pearson


Brian Pierce


Brian Pierce graduated from UNT in 2001 and has been working in Denton ISD for 17 years. He has taught art at Ryan High School for 15 years. Brian and his wife have been married 17 years and have two beautiful girls. He draws inspiration for his latest series of drawings from life and relationships. He tries to show emotion and communicate a specific meaning with each piece. For example, Brian’s drawing, Commitment, shows his hand and emphasizes his wedding ring in order to communicate his devotion and commitment to his wife and familyMa


screen shot 2019-01-17 at 11.25.55 pm @brianpierceart       940-231-1440


Mandy Rausch


Pat Reinke

Pat Reinke moved to Denton from Ohio in 1985, raised three children here and has a private practice as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Pat has volunteered over the years with the Denton Benefit League, the Arts Guild, PTA, Thin Line Fest, Denton Community Theatre and now as Board member with Artists Enclave. Pat is an active member of the Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST) and the Greater Denton Arts Council. In addition to enjoying cooking, Pat is an amateur dabbler in the arts, enjoying painting and playing the violin in the Flower Mound Community Orchestra.



Sienna Riehle

butch headshotSienna moved to Denton to attend the UNT College of Music in the early 2010s, and has never looked back. She is a singer, actress, and budding director, who occasionally works in stage management, when her arm is twisted and her palm is greased. She currently lives with her partner in life and in art, Benjamin, and their feline son, Bundles. She is a member of multiple theatre companies and performing arts collectives across the DFW area, and is proud to add Artists Enclave to the list.



Rachel Robic


Originally from St. Louis Missouri, Rachel moved to DFW in Sept 2016 with her husband and 2 sons. Rachel uses several mediums but her favorite is oil painting. Mainly working on commisioned pieces, her work has been shown at the Arlington Visual Arts Association, Central Arts of Bedford, Texas Visual Arts Association, and Kamme Art Studio & Gallery.




Patricia Rodgers

Patty is basically a landscape painter but not in the traditional sense. Her work is expressionist.  greatly influenced by cubism, which emphasizes different points of view and the flat suRodgers P Room with Orange Lillies sml px Oil 18 x 24rface of the canvas. She is drawn mostly to subjects of manmade objects, such as boats, still life, interiors, and buildings, striving to achieve a three-dimensional space, light, and a visual movement around the canvas. Her paintings often take on a surreal or abstract quality because of the hard edgesand flat solid color. Rodgers recently moved to Northlake Texas from Illinois. She teaches painting and drawing along with giving private guitar lessons at her home studio. She has exhibited paintings in galleries, juried shows, art centers, and street fairs in Connecticut, Mass., New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, and most recently, in Denton and Lewisville. Her work sells through

Contact:      847-275-1089


Carol Rowley


Matthew Sallack

Matthew Sallack is a Denton-based illustrator who focuses on subject matter like movies, music, video games, animals, junk food, and dinosaurs.  His style is described as whimsical surrealism. You can find his work at the DIME Store, A Creative Art Studio and The Denton Community Market.

teeny turtles2



Christiane Schmidt


Born in Hanover, Germany, Christiane has an Associate degree in business, working in wholesale business for 10 years. She started horseback riding when 5 years old and always loved it. In 1994, she came to the USA to learn more about Quarter Horses, especially cutting and reining horses. Christiane stayed here, got married and with her husband, they train and show reining horses. In 1994, she made the National Reining Horse Association Top Ten.

Since 2010, she found a new career at WinStar World Casino but has always liked the outdoors: horseback riding, sailing, riding her motor scooter, glider flying, traveling, animals and photography! She loves spending time outside and taking pictures, capturing the beauty and colors of flowers and landscapes as well as the play that  sunshine and light in general create. Last year, Christiane learned how to paint with light, continuing to play around with that technique and always searching for new subjects to ‘paint’.



Mary Amber Shasteen


Janet Shelton


John Shelton


Ruby Soleil


Elizabeth Stansy


Brandon Stephens



Chuck Stoughton

Stained glass artist Chuck Stoughton, originally from New York, is a professional educator who lived in New Mexico for many years and then moved to Texas.  He became fascinated by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and learned to make stained glass pieces in that style. Most of the designs Chuck uses are his own, and he incorporates flora and fauna, quilt patterns, landscapes, Art Deco and abstract designs. He particularly enjoys adapting the designs of Wright into contemporary usage. He has been selected as an exhibitor for numerous juried shows and commissioned to design and create many unusual

Contact:  940-383-2682


Xander Stubbs

Xander Stubbs is a director, screenwriter, personal essayist, and poet. An English major and etymology enthusiast, he has performed in numerous productions both on and off stage. In 2018 he wrote and directed the film Mistral (set to release early IMG_03522019), in part with Cinema Paradise Studios. The cornerstone (a term first coined by HBO) of Xander’s writing deals with mental illness, tragedy, and the complexities of dynamic relationships. Xander Stubbs does not believe in astrology, but is continuously convicted by how accurate they are. 




Laura Stukel

Laura Stukel is a collage and mixed media artist and native Texan. She moved to IMG_5063Denton to study art and interior design at UNT, and earned a BFA and MS degree. She has worked as a corporate designer – furniture specialist, space planner, and workplace strategist – for companies based in the DFW area since.

Rediscovering expressive art in the past few years began as an after-hours relief for the stressors of corporate life, but soon evolved into an exploration of a variety of media and styles, journaling and intuitive practice, self-development work and visual expression. Through her art, Laura experiments with abstract, faces, animals, and other nature subjects.



Kelly Stribling Sutherland

IMG_7957Kelly Sutherland is a graduate of Art Center College of Design where she learned to illustrate. Kelly loved illustrating for a client. It was a great job of collaboration. She worked with many clients including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Target, Dayton’s, Marshall Fields, Scholastic Books, Running Press, the White House and many more. Kelly seemed to always get picked for Christmas campaigns and many times her illustrations would be adapted into products such as snow globes, cookie tins, children’s books and ornaments.  Kelly created two Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog covers in the day.

Life changes happened and Kelly is now a full time elementary art teacher in Little Elm where 700 plus students keep her busy.  Kelly also does the choreography for her school’s annual musical.

Contact:    940-391-2628



Samika Swift


Travis Sykes


Dawn Terrizzi

Artwork for Enclave Bio

Dawn has lived in Denton for only 5 years and is excited to become part of the wonderful arts community here.  Dawn has always been interested in the arts, combining music and literature in her undergraduate degree and going on to get a Masters in Library Science.  Though by day Dawn works as a librarian, her focus by night is to work to find her artistic style.  Mostly self-taught, Dawn enjoys doing mixed media work that includes a painted element, whether it be with oil, acrylic or watercolor paints.  She enjoys art that looks purposely ‘sloppy,’ (experiments with drips, obvious brush strokes, appears unfinished and the like) and highlights the relationship between humans and the natural world.



Susan Thornton


Dunashay Thomas


Brian Tiensvold (TOAST)

Toast is a Painter (mostly abstract) in oils, acrylics, spray paint and some mixed media as well as a Poet and Spoken Word Performer, an outside of the box thinker who sees beauty in imperfection. He likes to sing and dance. 

IMG_1339Toast lives, works and plays in Denton Texas. He is a Graduate of Westwood Collage in Fort Worth with a Degree in Graphic Design. Proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop. Toast is a brewer and an artist: “You’ll never work if you do what you love”, and I do what I love. I make beer and I make art.”

Toast is currently working at Denton County Brewing Company and in the early stages of opening a brewery called Toasty Bros. Small Batches. He is the President of the Denton County Homebrewers Guild, a Member of the Denton Area Darts Association and of course, member of the Artist Enclave of Denton

Contact:   423- 429- 5415


Stacy Tompkins

Stacy Tompkins is an American artist, writer and designer residing in Denton, TX. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including the U.S., China, the U.K. and France. The artist has been featured in publications such as Smokelong Quarterly, Descant, and Collection 28, a French publication, and she is a recipient of the Liquitex Grant (2003) for her mural titled “Revolutionaries.” Tompkins received her B.F.A. from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. Stacy Tompkins Ceremonial Badam

Contact:      940-867-8177


Donna Trammell


Chuck Voellinger


Brett Wallace


Brenda Walsworth


Michael Walsworth



Lisa West

Experimenting with Jazz, Blues and Folk in the 90’s, Lisa West began a journey fusing genres for a unique musical experience. Spending the last 4 years collaborating on Soundcloud opened a world of possibilities for her vocal talent. Working with over 50 artists from all over the world, she has broadened her genre bending reach. The 2015 album Doors, (her first) was a joint project with artist, Sp.Ace, in Latvia. Both created music with Lisa writing lyrics based on the book, The Doors of Perception, by Aldous Huxley.  She combines simplistic musical atmosphere with a lyrical story all in hopes of creating Faerytale Mu

Contact:      214-808-1933



Jo Williams

Jo Williams is an artist who paints in watercolor and shares her love and knowledge of the medium with others. She teaches classes in both Denton and plein aire workshops in various locations. She taught workshops in France for the last three  years, two years in Provence and one year in Brittany. She is a signature member of Southwestern Watercolor Society in Dallas and the Society of Watercolor Artists in Fort Worth. Williams has exhibited regionally and nationally in juried exhibitions winning a number of awards. Her work is included in the Worrell Gallery in Santa Fe. She is an active volunteer in the arts community in Denton. 


Contact:    940-383-1092


Jacy Williamson


Mary Williford-Shade


Christie A. Wood

Christie A. Wood, owner of Art Glass Ensembles in Denton, Texas, has always had an affinity drawing and a love of stained glass. Though she had a successful 20 year career in the computer industry, she found herself longing to create art.


Due to the fleeting nature of computer programs, which are often obsolete the moment they are installed, Christie desired to fine an outlet for her creativity which would ultimately outlast her own physical existence. The lure of stained glass, the beauty and changing nature of art from light drew her into a new field and career.

Contact:    940-591-3002


Earl Zimmerman (Z)

Earl Zimmerman is a lathe artisan who creates decorative pieces and wearable wooden jewelry. He creates jewelry, pottery, household utensils, household decor and other items turned on a wood lathe.  He also makes cremation urns.  Most items are made from southwestern woods such as mesquite, pecan, and aspen. Zimmerman.xmas