About David Adams

  David Adams
What would be the theme song of your life?
  “Sit Down and Let The Lord Love You”
What is your favorite song?
  “Open The Eyes Of My Heart”
What do you do in the world of art?
  My first love is “drawing” and my second love is” music.” I have been gifted in both those arts all my life. As a kids I would use my mother’s leftover paints from her “paint by number’s” that she would do and then copy a picture and paint it. I also would learn songs by ear on the piano and guitar. I worked most of my life in my dream job as an “Artist Illustrator “for the United States Postal Service. I retired in 2003 with 36years service, and I am still practicing in the arts. Painting and playing.
How long have you been practicing your craft?
  10+ years
If a movie was made of your life, who would you want to play you? Who do you think a casting director would cast as you?
  Tom Hanks directed by Ron Howard
If you had a super power, what would it be?
  Travel through time.
What do you think is the most artistic animal? Why?
  Birds for sure. They are one species where the male is usually the more colorful. Birds come in all sort of sizes, design and plumage.
Do you have a pet?
If yes, what? What is/are the name(s)?
  I am a dog person. I have always had a dog in my life. Not the same one of course. Right now we have two Australian Shepard’s, dogs, Mr. Blu (blue merle) and Opi (red merle).
What has been your favorite AEDC event so far and why?
  Fundago and art shows
What are your worst and best habits?
  Chocolate & Chocolate
Have you collaborated with (or are you currently collaborating with) other creatives? Would you like to?
  Fun-Dango painting
What are you currently working on?
  Paintings and mixed media. I have been repurposing “mannequins”. Using them as my canvas to create upon . I’m trying to create more dimension in my art.
How did you land/end up in Denton County?
  After my wife and I both retired we spent a lot of our time traveling between California and Texas. We lived in CA and our only living parent was my wife’s father in Texas. So we thought we’d move to be closer to him and save a little money in the long run.
What would you like to see happen in Denton County in the arts and the cultural scene?
  I love the arts in Denton. More outdoor events on the square.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
  Parking backwards on Hickory St.
What is your greatest fear? Your greatest hope?
  Our Country would lose sight of Constitutional Rights, our Democracy, and it’s Foundation of faith in God.
the Bible say’s Perfect Love Casts Out “FEAR”, and our” HOPE” is built on the Righteousness of Jesus Christ
Where would you most like to visit? Revisit? Never visit?

Europe River Cruise.

revisit Thailand, or Mediterranean

If you had 50 people over for dinner, what would be on the menu?
  Hamburger and hotdogs
Do you speak multiple languages? If yes, what are they?
  Little Spanish, little Thai
What is your favorite holiday and why?
  Thanksgiving, because it reminds me of what’s important in life. Food, Family, Fun
What was/is your favorite Halloween costume?
What is the most interesting thing you’ve seen this week and why? What is the most interesting thing you’ve read this week and why?

The News: IT IS UNBELIEVABLE to watch what is happening in our world right now.

The Bible: That is where I can find comfort and remind myself again, what I should be watching and focusing on.

How long have you been an Artists Enclave Member?
  2 – 3 years
What email address is best for contacting you?
What have you enjoyed most and least about completing this questionnaire for your Member Spotlight?

Most: made me think

Least: made me think

also Hard to read small print and greyed text