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Hi folks. I've been in Denton County for 32 years and have performed with numerous musical groups in that time. Currently I play and sing in a band called "Trotline". You may have heard our music in the Living Art film short about painter Jo Williams. You can find me most days at the Emily Fowler Library where I work as a Special Collections Librarian. What is that, you ask? I work with genealogy, Local and Texas history. My wife Erin has sung with area choirs and we have the most chill cat in Denton: Izzy.
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Quarantine music collaboration
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Hi all. This past April, an old friend and bandmate contacted me about doing an online musical collaboration with some other folks. Long story short, here it is! Listening to this now, five months later, it really brings back that pretty messed up, scary feeling when the Pandemic was new. I’m the guy playing lap […]

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