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Christie A. Wood has always had an affinity for drawing and a love of stained glass. Though she had a successful 20 year career in the computer industry, she found herself longing to create art. Due to the fleeting nature of computer programs, which are often obsolete the moment they are installed, Christie desired to find an outlet for her creativity which would ultimately outlast her own physical existence. The lure of stained glass; the beauty and changing nature of art from light; drew her into a new field and career. Over 27 years later, she is a Professional Accredited studio with the Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA), and a highly sought after stained glass artist.
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If you are interested in doing PUBLIC ART, a good way to start is to getyourself registered as an approved vendor with various governmententities. A lot of government entities, including ISDs, requirea certain percentage of all public monies spent on new construction, bespent on ART. Most of the times, these art projects are lucrative, ifyou […]