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Lisa Littlejohn West tells us about her music, how to copywrite art and music, and how she started writing music. She discusses her inspirations. She tells of the instruments she plays along with her advice about websites to use. She was recently on The Denton Vibe with a video podcast too. You can find her […]

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Live podcast with Artists Enclave’s Leap Day celebration with comedy improv. We interview Dallas Comedy Club favorites’ Sarah Anne Adams & Maggie Rieth Austin known as The Monthly Junk and record their live performance. Jazz pianist Michael Clement is on stage with the comedians “improv-ing” with music. Rubber Gloves is a wonderful entertainment venue. Artists […]

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Kathleen Mekailek is owner of Kamme Gallery & Studio in Sanger, Texas. She invites us to her gallery and we get to talk to this warrior goddess who has survived numerous health issues and a visual artist. She did a live video on her Facebook of the podcast. We talk about Tommy the ghost and […]

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Joe Conner is president of Gainesville Area Visual Arts and a graphic designer along with painting with paper. Joe gives advice on supplies to paint with paper, pricing art, dealing with rejection, artists statements and dealing with divorce. She tells how she overcame breast cancer and being a single mom. Facebook is Joe Conner […]

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Interview with Mossy Fox Journals –  Rachel West and Ashley Panganiban talk to us about their recycled paper made with blue jeans and more! You will be able to use this paper for prints in your computer, as watercolor art paper, journals and more. It is high quality recycled paper. Check them out. They launch […]

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Kimberley Dietrich is interviewed by Lisa West.  She talks about what websites she uses to find artist opportunities.  Where she gets inspiration and what equipment she uses to make her own professional prints. She gives quite a few artist secrets including how to write an artist statement, how to get noticed to be in art […]

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Ellie Stone, also known for “Diva Girl Ellie” from Denton Radio podcast “The Denton Vibe,” talks about the “Lost Poet Lounge” which provides venues for poets.  She discusses how to take good selfie pictures, poetry slams, when she started writing poetry, art ideas for fortune cookies, and recites one of her very own poems.  She […]

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Independent mental health care professional, Patricia Reinke, joins us to talk about teen parenting, dreams, how to cope with emotional stress, narcissists, how to deal with narcissistic relationships. Art to de-stressor is discussed. Contact Patricia Reinke at

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Lisa and I go to a virtual reality studio, played a really cool game and interview CEO, Mike Christian. Mike talks about using virtual reality for real world job and safety training and discusses using virtual reality for autism. He discusses how the company has evolved over the years how they have kept up with […]

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Hannah Wadva which is a California art student and from Texas talks to us about illustrative art and entertainment art. She talks about photographing your art. We discuss the banana duct tape art, how to get past artist block, and about nightmares. She tells how to use nightmares to make art ideas. And her pets […]

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