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What Do We Do Now/
4 months ago no Comment

I am interested in what artists are doing now to sell their art? I am thinking about selling my steel yard art in my front yard while maintaining distance. I have a good supply and a lot of time on my hands these days! Call it a “Yard Art Yard Sale” maybe …

7 months ago no Comment

Well folks! Who could have imagined that restarting the Gallery at 227 W. Oak Street would come up against a worldwide epidemic? Setting all that aside, we had a fantastic opening night on Leap Day Night, with a lot of new faces coming into the gallery all day long.  If you fast forward to First […]

7 months ago 1 Comment

For those of you who may have heard rumors, or seen the activity at 227 W. Oak A Creative Art Studio & Gallery, we are implementing a brand new Co-op format for the Gallery and it opens Saturday February 29. We will be open 10a-10p and the party cranks up at 7 and winds down […]

9 months ago 3 Comments

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