Live podcast with Artists Enclave’s Leap Day celebration with comedy improv. We interview Dallas Comedy Club favorites’ Sarah Anne Adams & Maggie Rieth Austin known as The Monthly Junk and record their live performance. Jazz pianist Michael Clement is on stage with the comedians “improv-ing” with music. Rubber Gloves is a wonderful entertainment venue. Artists Enclave received a grant from the Greater Denton Arts Council to create a performance art program and thus, ConFABulation was “born” for Leap Day 2020. Joining them on stage is “Buck Green,” “Queen” Darcy Littlefield, “Jay Bob,” “Billy Bob,” “King Big Dog,” (also called on stage Big Slaw, Big Boy, Nobody, and Little Boy), “Kim,” Susan Carol Davis and someone Susan picked out of crowd-silent guest who helped open bottle of wine on stage during comedy show. Photos courtesy of Calvin Hearns Photography.